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Yes, another Shop Local campaign

So excited to be revisiting my Shop Where You Have Conversations campaign again this year. I’m not calling it recycled or reused as some key elements will change. The imagery, for example, will have a new skin & I’ve enjoyed the research & testing phase of the storytelling and calls to action.

Every single business I’m working with right now understands the value of conversation. Of story over sales. Commes has leapfrogged over ‘message’ and in 2020 storytelling is firmly on the agenda – and mostly way above sales! Businesses of all shapes and sizes are thinking of PR & integrated strategy as a dialogue not a broadcast, which makes my happy heart sing.

I love my work, I champion best practice & strong foundations - quite simply I talk more loudly about Doing It Right, than Just Getting It Done. And if you follow me on social media you know that after a decade of working around the world in the journalism job that I loved, I swapped city life in London to rediscover my Cornish roots in Truro.

And yes, I love where I live...I really, truly do. And many of the businesses who welcomed my trade and shared conversations when I was new in town have become friends, and some are still clients today. So to bring it all together and work with them to shout their message louder is my dream come true.

Circular economies are not the stuff of theory or dreams: local spend keeps local businesses alive & local high streets vibrant & thriving. Family businesses do not have the deep pockets of the behemoths - but every £5 spent is felt in a way that bigger brands don’t acknowledge.

There is no better time to discover what is on our doorstep, and to shop where we have conversations.

Campaigns like this make my heart beat faster & my smile bigger. Lovely work to do - and I’m looking forward to sharing the results. Follow @mytruro on Instagram if you'd like to watch this all come together.

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