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Are you struggling with goal setting?

It's the first week of 2024 and the digital world is awash with intentions, resolutions and the ubiquitous statements of 'word of the year. Especially if you're a solopreneur, freelancer or founder, this is the time of year we give ourselves space to set out what counts. And what will drive us to our annual destination of Business Goals.

I'm a fan of this kind of fanfare... not at all. I prefer intentions to be quiet and to hold my own counsel. But still it's hard to not get swept away with the tide. And of the two networking events I've attended this week, words and goals has been 100% on the agenda. So I've had no choice but to reflect.

I work happily for myself and by myself, but I also adore co-working and 2023 was the year I learned about mirroring and why my neurospicy brain works best in companionable silence than isolation. But when we work for ourselves our worlds can be small. Never mind the Big Goals, the ebb and flow of balancing working in the business and growing it, while carving some precious time for ourselves can keep us focused and away from the other areas of life we enjoy. We roll with the highs and lows and the seasonal shifts, but sometimes they take a toll on us that we keep carefully concealed from view.

Even at the start of a new year, intentions can get quashed, and balance can be forgotten as we pursue essential income. And we can find it hard to step back and plan.

I’m seeing feeds full of wonderful goals and plans for growth… and change being welcomed with purpose and big smiles. But I can also see uncertainty and fear, overwhelm and procrastination, because having overcome the most dangerous burnout of my working life in 2023, I’m adept now at spotting the signs.

So this is a quick reminder that growth isn’t all jazz hands and goals, but how we feel when we make our first steps sets the tone for the day.. or the week.. or the big decision. It’s why I prioritise daily journaling and it’s why I’m determined to start this year with positivity… and balance.

Making the time to put yourself in that very positive place every day might be the best decision you make for your business.. and you. And it could be journaling, or it might be meditation. Or networking … whatever makes you bright and happy.

Most days I share the writing prompts I use in my journaling coaching programme to my social media. Today's writing prompt requires a little preamble and mindful daydreaming, so it might be something for the weekend.

If you're struggling to make resolutions as a small business owner or creative freelancer, if you're feeling overwhelmed at the task of the year ahead, balancing what needs to be balanced or simply just wanting to keep on keeping on... here's a way to find space for these thoughts that might help you clear some mental or emotional clutter.

Take a fresh page and write a letter to yourself as if you are reflecting quietly on the year past during Christmas 2024. Thank yourself for the good times, acknowledge the wins of the year you’ve had and celebrate your successes, milestones and goals smashed. It’s a positive spin on goals and absolutely is for personal goals as well as business. And mine will be finished this weekend.

Let me know how you get on and drop me a call if your success depends on better visibility or improving your writing, and you’re not sure where to begin. I can help with that and I’d love to talk to you.

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