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The SOUL Programme

Every business needs to be remememberd and success is hugely dependent on digital visibility - and a strong personal brand. 


But big, bold, transformative mentoring packages are not the only way to achieve change.


I understand that making time to reflect can have the most dramatic impact on personal growth - but sometimes we need a helping hand to make this time. 


So I've developed a six-month programme that can be accelerated and delivered weekly if needed, but which includes space to dig deep into your personal motivations, brand, or career vision. I've chosen monthly sessions delivered on Zoom to keep this commitment more affordable. The SOUL programme is designed to focus ambition and growth when the desire for change is already evident. Together, we will figure out your next move and explore the ways you can make it happen.

Sessions are 90 minutes and always 1:1. £65 paid monthly, or book the programme for £475.

Values & Purpose

Be clear on what lights you up, what your unique purpose is and get to know your personal strengths. Dig deep, rediscover joy and what gives you purpose - at work and in life.


Space & Change

Understand why you seek or avoid change and the impact of the environment you work in. Learn the tools that will help you achieve your personal goals - and map the plan to create your future.


Signature Sessions: Goal & Vision

Find confidence, self belief and design a career - or the life in business, that works for you. Feeling stuck? Let's get you out of the weeds and on your way. Also available as stand-alone session.


Thrive & Shine

Start to build your personal brand, build resilience, celebrate new-found confidence and learn to use the digital tools that will help you. Celebrate being more visible online and how this will help you achieve your goals - but without overwhelm and burnout.

Image by Aaron Burden

Book a 1:1 discovery call where I can learn about your goals. We can explore if the SOUL Programme will help you achieve the lasting career change you're seeking.

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