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Instagram link hack

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

So you’ve got this amazing content on your website and you want your audience to see it. You’re posting on Linked In, Twitter and Facebook where links work. But on Instagram, the link in the caption doesn’t work. I've been frustrated by this too, until I found a great little hack!

Yes, you can direct people to copy and paste, and this may be what you're doing. You even have decided to run the exact same content across all your marketing channels without changing a thing. But this is clunky and can be a poor user experience. It also reduces the chance of knowing whether the traffic - if it gets there - came from Instagram or SEO when you come to looking at your valuable Insights.

It’s also not great to send your readers away from Instagram, once they found you and liked the content enough to read your whole post. They might not come back again, and if they do, they may have a poor experience because their feed will be a repeat of what they have already seen.

So, my top tip here is to direct readers from your post straight to your bio where you have the exact link that they need. Here, place a direct URL in the website field. You can use link software of course, but this is a quick hack if you don’t have the time to set that all up.

And because you’re directing them to your bio, when your readers come back to Instagram, your account is not only the first thing they will see. But they will have no interruption to viewing experience and their feed will continue as if they never left. Nice work, all round!

You can change the link weekly or more often if you have a timely offer. So this is also a great way to test content and see which of your customers are most interested in your business – as measured by visiting your website. Just remember to go back over your posts and remove the sentence directing people to find the link in the bio.

Instagram is notoriously tricky for tracking website traffic conversions. But this hack makes it just a little bit easier.

Image credit: Kate Torline, Unsplash

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