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A quick word about brand

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Brand is so much more than a logo. It’s often where a business plan begins. And because it’s visual, it’s a fair bet for the lion’s share of any new business marketing spend. Brand is both tangible and visible - but it isn’t enough marketing if that’s all you do.

If brand vision maps out who your audience is, brand voice talks the words this audience understands. Together, is there a more powerful way to build a relationship? But how does the customer relationship progress from the discovery of a first date to the mutual rewards of everyday companionship?

Every conversation is a new opportunity to start an extra chapter. The words you choose to describe your business are really important and as much a part of your brand as your colours + logo design. Yes, even the words you have in conversations + the doyenne of networkers: the elevator pitch.

It’s something I struggle with in my own business, but over the years I can see the impact of a good word choice over a jumbled, if enthusiastic, mumble. Or a comparison of my services to another organisation that I feel my companion might know better.

It’s about so much more than seven key words or USP, it’s the words that are the heart and soul...that trip off the tongue, that inspire + ignite your audience. So have a think... are the words you’re using the alright words to sell your business?

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