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H, is for History

In the Digital Marketing alphabet, my choice for the letter H is History. Us digital marketing types love to plan & most days we live for the future. But whatever we do today, we don’t make decisions in isolation.

We have a wealth of valuable data at our disposal, and learning about yesterday is so important when we plan for tomorrow. Sometimes, the best decisions are made when we look back before we decide how to go forward.

History not only tells us what worked before, but also how we can do better. The notes about our past guide us as we decide what comes next. Why wouldn’t we use them?

Analytics, insights, feedback & data are all part of the history that gives our marketing decisions context. It takes away some of the spontaneous joy of a reactive post on social media. But by crikey... if we want meaningful results: we need to use it.

This is a huge topic for me and I never tire of talking about it. So this is a placeholder post really, something I will come back to. But before you write your next post or send your next scheduled email reflect on what you will look back on. If this piece of valuable content can help you tell a future story, what will it be? Or are you simply posting, for the sake of posting...

📸 Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy, Place du Liberation Dijon, France. Architectural splendour, resplendent in full sunshine on a warm midsummer day.

Read more about the value of data in your content strategy and storytelling here.

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