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Evergreen content

Evergreen content is the digital marketing equivalent of the Sunday lunch dessert. So good you repeat it, with little effort but crowd-pleasing results.

Not sure what evergreen content is? It’s the timeless words that you recycle & push to all your channels with few edits. Hurray for the seasonal trending searches that love evergreen blogs...& all that we can do to attract this passing traffic!

In 2020, traffic volume outside of politics or pandemic-related content has been low, but pockets of optimism and good weather have helped numbers pick up from time to time. It‘s given us all a reason to broaden our horizons content-wise.

Lockdown has also influenced interest in feel-good, DIY & wellbeing content. And as the sun stayed high in the sky, the familiar and predictable summertime words around BBQ, gardening and ice cream trended in May. And June was all about wellbeing, stress management and relaxation. Autumn has been tougher as big world events have dominated all online searches. But there is another C word looming on the horiaon, and as we near the end of an incredibly tough year, Christmas is starting early for many.

And this is where the evergreen words will win for the businesses & brands that plan ahead & use it for brand storytelling.

Unique content relating to seasonal trends; or topics that will always be interesting to people who need your services can’t be rushed out. But this content wins time and again because it‘s a safe bet for search. These words work because they are not purchase related, they sit higher up the funnel where customers browse and look for interesting things to read.

It’s better to have this content ready, there on your site and waiting for a fresh link - maybe from Pinterest or email. Or maybe you need to tweak the SEO for current trends - like weaving ‘lockdown’ or ‘from home’ into your sentences & snippets for 2020. This kind of tweak helps Google discover your content.

Taking time to review your content and matching it to your Analytics will show you your seasonal trends & the blogs that are most interesting to new visitors to your site. Every week of the year, not just the previous month.

Not sure where to begin? Message me for my next VIP content coaching class, which will be about this very thing. Or I can build an evergreen calendar that is unique to your business.

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