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The Marketing Dictionary: D

D, is for Data. Or digital, or dirty word... I learned 25 years ago that the most obvious headline wasn’t the best one to use. It’s a rule I use every day - especially when writing email campaigns or social media.

Data is at the heart of what I do - I understand it, and the power it holds. Having worked for many years for the IT / financial press and loved this space, I’m learning to reclaim my inner data nerd with pride. Which is why it is here, in an Instagram feed that takes a closer look at marketing, and ahead of its more popular cousin, digital.

Sure, digital is the very heart of modern marketing - but without an understanding of how to apply the powerful insights - and data - it generates, digital marketing is at risk of becoming no more than a broadcast message.

Yes, I could have picked digital (too obvious) or the dirty words of marketing (too much to say

about those!) for this letter of my marketing lexicon. But I’m sticking with data. It’s not as pretty as words & pictures, but it is at the heart of what I do. And I love that.

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