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What is quality content?

Quality, is always the best plan. Lovely pictures may cause browsing traffic to pause in a feed-scroll. But even the best pictures won’t always speak your brand voice or match your intentions.

Stunning locations have long been used for inspirational and leadership content. But in the same way that Monday Motivation has sod all to do with renewing household insurance...have too many businesses and brands relied on scenery shots to increase engagement?

Visual content has long been intrinsic to social marketing success. And I live in a part of the world which is rich in beautiful places. But I do marvel at how these visuals are used to tell unrelated stories.

Behind the scenes, social media channels are recognising this and algorithms are changing. To continue to reap the benefits, brands need to be mindful of change and what it means for their Google, Instagram + Pinterest fans... and the new website traffic that brand growth depends on.

Business accounts who don’t describe what they see will also soon be penalised - viewed less frequently by ’unknown’ traffic or new followers. And if your image bears no description to your tags or your image bio...your visibility will be further reduced.

So what about this beachscape, which wasn’t taken today? Metaphorically it’s a great image: the beach is always here, but as SEO and algorithms help us find websites, maps help us find beaches.

Happy accidents are good - but strategy they are not. Without objectives you’ll never know how well it all worked, or if you could have done better.

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