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Choose your pricing plan

  • Website & SEO Audit

    Fix visibility issues, get your website and business seen
    • SEO - site review, audience and behaviour report
    • Audit or set-up Maps and Reviews: your secret SEO data
    • Keywords - what is working, plus a report on how to use them
    • Social Media Audit - how your posts can increase visibility
    • Google, Analytics, Console Insights
    • Site fixes and Improvement Plan
    • NextSteps: Critical issues and high priorities
    • Accessibility: Price includes 2 hours updates to alt tags
    • Roadmap: a plan to stay visible and increase traffic
  • Marketing Impact

    360 Review of website, SEO, audience and marketing results
    • Week 1: 360 audit of website, analytics, audience, traffic
    • Week 2: share results and insights
    • Week 3: action plan and recommendations
    • Full report: your business, audience and what is working
    • Gap analysis: why some marketing isn't delivering results
    • Results: Face to face meeting to review results
    • Making a plan (an optional programme to deliver change)
    • SEO and keyword review
    • Marketing traffic / channel audit
    • Next steps: Marketing priorities and timeline (optional)
  • Website Copywriting (Including SEO Plan)

    All the words you need for your website delivered in 5 days
    • 3-5 page brochure website content
    • 1:1 call to map business, content and customer journey
    • Package includes Bio/About Us Page
    • Package includes Home Page
    • Package includes product/services
    • Calls to Action with A-B Testing Kit
    • Includes SEO-friendly headlines
    • Includes Home Page with multiple calls to action
    • Blog package (extra fee applies)
    • 10-word keyword list
    • Content includes links multiple calls to action
  • Content Superpowers

    Every month
    3 month content plan plus support to create your assets
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3 month content plan, bespoke and unique to your business
    • Competitor evaluation
    • Social media strategy and editorial plan
    • Keyword list
    • Captions and ideas for low inspo days
    • Social Media Holidays and how to use them
    • Making content count: email marketing
    • Media, market, message: continuous engagement review
    • Guide to Canva
    • Hashtag strategy for your business, location, customers
    • Micro video: Reels and TikToks
    • Stories: Regular stories
    • Each monthly calendar includes an original blog and keywords
  • Group Social Media Training

    TikTok and Reels (saving £150 when booked together)
    • Fom zero to hero with microvideo: TikTok and Instagram Reels
    • Learn why microvideo is so important to marketing strategy
    • Understand how TikTok works and what's right for you
    • Trends, challenges, audio and hashtags on TikTok
    • Reels - Getting started with Instagram video
    • TikTok and Reels: SEO impact
    • Q and A session to help YOUR video strategy
    • Insights, tips, hacks and all you need to get started
    • Overcoming nerves and being confident on film
    • Making the most of Instagram features
    • The best time saving apps for making micro video
    • Share the cost: groups of up to 5 people

    Every month
    Monthly membership for sales and growth focused businesses
    Valid for 6 months
    • A monthly mentorship to set and achieve business goals
    • Learn to use Marketing, PR and content strategy together
    • PR and visibility coaching, Press Release Dispatch
    • Go Live With No Fear: Mastering Reels, Video & Presentations
    • Unlimited access to Mentorship Group and support
    • Fortnightly calls to plan campaigns or schedule social media
    • Masterclass: why storytelling works and how to get it right
    • Get help with strategy so mistakes are not repeated
    • Personal brand, PR and social media mentoring
    • Bonus One: Quarterly content calendar creation
  • 5 Session Pack

    Build your creative business with 5 expert coaching sessions.
    Valid for 6 months
    Yes - we can write a training programme or course that is bespoke to your business and your team!
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