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You probably arrived here because you attended a storytelling workshop or visibility masterclass. I hope it was valuable to you and please book a free hour with me here as a thank you for your time.

I'm a marketer, storyteller and audience strategist and my mission is to help businesses use authentic brand, SEO and audience knowledge to get better results from marketing. And as a storytelling coach and marketing trainer, I share the techniques that I know work if you want to get comfortably visible online - without overwhelm and burnout.

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Accelerator Offers

You have a business, your eye is on growth and you know that understanding marketing better is on your To-Do list for another year. But, where do you start?


The Hammond Agency is a boutique marketing agency and training provider run by former journalist and audience strategist Rachel Hammond. I take time to get to know your business, your data and your audience. And I create a results-focused programme just for you.

If you want to know a little more about me, I'm never far from the sea, I once wrote a very famous headline about a Princess that was beamed around the world and proud to shout about my 100% pass rate as a Government Digital Skills and Chartered Institute of Marketing trainer. Alongside agency work and mentoring, I offer online courses and marketing training.

For graduates of the NatWest Accelerator Programme, and friends, I've created some offers that I hope will inspire you to learn with me, upskill your marketing or understand how to better communicate with your audience to reach all of your business goals for 2024 and beyond.

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360 Marketing Audit

A 360 marketing and data audit analyses your marketing plan, activity and results to show you which areas made the biggest impact for your business.

The data helps you make informed decisions about marketing budget and shows where your audience connections are strongest.

Clue: this may not be social media and if you haven't thought about SEO, your marketing will have had to work harder to deliver any results at all.

Choose how much data you want to review from website, social, email, trend, sales  and audience data. I will show you a clear roadmap for where you need to focus your marketing budget. 

30-day audit: save £50

90-day audit: save £150

150-day audit: save £250

Marketing Training

My mission is to give every business owner who wants them, the tools to better understand marketing, storytelling and audience strategy. No-one should be 'doing' marketing over a morning coffee or late at night in front of the TV and my 6 and 12-month programmes are a chance to learn how to be comfortably visible and deliver marketing with impact - but without overwhelm and burnout. 

In 2023 I created The Storyboard Collective as the place to get visible online and learn brilliant marketing tactics like video, social content, PR and email newsletters in the way that benefits your business. As well as weekly or monthly masterclasses, you will receive 1:1 or small group mentoring, get access to my online training academy and digital Mastermind classes.

Membership for NatWest Digital Accelerators and friends comes with a 10% discount on all monthly fees (£89, £155, £285)

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Let's Connect

You can find me on Instagram or LinkedIn, follow me on Threads, or email me at

I love to collaborate with other business owners, so if you want to interview me for a podcast, host a LinkedIn Live, please get in touch. The Fear of Getting Marketing Wrong is a huge barrier for many business owners and entrepreneurs, but I'm here to help.

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