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The Marketing Summer School

A super-valuable programme of data-driven marketing, content, training and tools to meet the extra challenges of 2023 in September - and your chance to work with us at an affordable price

As well as power-hours and press release kits, we've added weekly content masterclasses, Instagram bio makeovers, content impact audits and the opportunity to hand your content and marketing over to us for a rejuvenating glow-up in time for Q4's fresh energy.

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Brand & Business Reinvigoration

Give your business a 360 marketing and data audit while you're on your holidays, or working through the busiest time of the year.

Our Business Mini Spa break includes an SEO and content audit to identify your best performing content, next-step recommendations and hashtag strategy 

Upgrade to the Business Spa VIP and we'll also review email marketing and your customer journey and include content plans to make next steps super-easy.

Our Best Masterclasses
of 2023 - Live!

We're running our most valued social media training webinars from 2023 as a brilliant-value summer bundle.

Over the next 4 weeks we're diving into social media basics, storytelling, video and ChatGPT. Book one week for £97 or all four for £347.

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The Data Detox

If you've made the switch from Google Analytics to GA4 - you may be wondering what's happened to your traffic data. And the marketing data that is really valuable to you is probably harder to find.

Our Data Detox reviews your marketing insights, to discover what worked, what you need to do more of, what to pause and how to set priorities to increase visibility or sales.

The Storyboard Collective wait list is open

Our community approach to learning about marketing, storytelling, and PR as you grow your business and get more comfortable with visibility is opening the doors again in September.

Membership starts at £17 / week.

Drop us a message if you'd like to know more.

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