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The Hammond Agency



The Hammond Agency is a data-driven marketing agency that is dedicated to delivering creative, holistic marketing strategy. Businesses work with us to learn what marketing and messaging works to get visible - and thrive - online. We humanise communications with storytelling and blend data, SEO and strategic expertise to build relationships and accelerate growth.

Getting to the heart of your business and your goals is where we start. We know that every business and entrepreneur is unique, so we take the time to translate your needs into a plan that uses only the most effective digital marketing channels. This takes away the guesswork of 'what marketing will work for me?' and maximises budget and ROI.


Today's audiences prefer micro, 'snackable' content, which presents a challenge to marketers, especially for B2B organisations. But our strategic approach to brand, business, messaging and goals for growth builds connections and guarantees visibility in a crowded market beyond simply 'doing' social media or any marketing in isolation.

"The Hammond Agency is a creative digital agency with 25 years' media expertise"

Are you looking for a digital agency or expert marketing trainer in Cornwall?

With over 20 years of experience as a professional journalist, I bring a unique skill set to marketing and digital strategy. My journalism career stretched from tech to tabloid and print to digital, and I've brought many complex ideas to life as compelling, readable stories. Marketing clients who work with me also benefit from having an expert, professional writer and editor on the team.


These editorial skills are invaluable if you want to improve visibility and customer knowledge - without jargon, complicated campaigns or guess-work.

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Drop me a quick email with a few words about what support you're looking for and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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